In Search of an orgasm

In search of an Orgasm

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Oral sex became an overly consuming part of our intimate relationship, but it has its drawbacks.  I did somewhat perfected this method, realizing that it might very well be the ONLY way I could satisfy my wife. I did believe I brought her to orgasmic heights on most occasions, but somehow the total, mutual, hard-core satisfaction was missing.

Previously during sex we would BOTH experience orgasms, and the enveloping moments of the post-effects. Now I could not share in her erogenous fulfillment. I was merely a spectator or an instrument of production. And that was how it was for most of the years following my surgery.

All throughout that period we tried just about everything to get an erection, and although the doctor already told us it MIGHT never happen, we still did not want to give up so we both held on to the word, ‘MIGHT.’ It was telling us there WAS a possibility I could get an erection… and that was when the search began, continued, and intensified. We tried prayers, plenty of prayers, then Viagra, Cialis, painful injections, herbs, oils, lotions…

whatever was advertised with a promise, or a potential, numerous kinds of injections, herbal and clinical formulas, pumps, artificial attachments, and eventually pornography. These were about some of the the hardest things to do since we were both devoted Christians, but we were desperate!

Of course, before we are being condemned to hell by some of our ‘sanctified’ readers, we did our very best to rationalize all this. This will be something you will find yourselves thinking about as you go off ‘in search of an orgasm.’ We did mind committing such challenging acts of morality but since we were eternally secured, with a room awaiting us at the end of life’s journey, we were willing barter in exchange for an orgasm, ‘…the things people will do to achieve one…’ It was a reluctant admission, but we chose to tell the truth, repentance followed! But yet NOTHING works. Should we have given up? NO WAY!