Angry white male

Angry White Male

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The white man is angry because he see his world, his domain, falling apart around him, and he feels helpless to remedy the situation.

Since the revolution of the social media and the cellphone, we see many of white America’s whites are at their peak in the display of anger. Sometimes we have to wonder. Do we only fear those who are snarling and hollering at us, or should we be on the look out for that subliminal display…?

Donald Trump is an angry white male. He cannot hide it because he does not know how. He lacks the intelligence of an experience operative. The dude is like, dumb! Deep Hate What is the Angry White Male so angry about?

And how angry is he? We know what Donald Trump is so angry about: Barak Obama. He wants so much to be like the 44th president of the united States. He honestly believed that if he could hold that position, he would show the world how intelligent of a guy he really is, but it did not work. In spite of the entire Republican party; his enablers, he could not shine.

The so many who are more educated than he is could not get to instruct him on how to achieve the cordiality he so lacks. He never listens. He is too dumb to know that no good leader is without good guidance and relative information. That is the kind of angry white male that will destroy things that upsets him…