A Good Person

A Good Person

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How Good Are We?

We can never become that ultimate character of perfection. We can be very good today, and then be very bad tomorrow. The object is to be as good as we can, to as many as we can, for as long as we can, through whatever means we can.

When a person is declared a good person, it is because of some act of goodness they have done over a period of time, or it might be based on one single, solitary act. No one is born a good person. Can a Good Person do a Bad Thing? Can A Bad Person do a Good thing? Robin Hood stole from the rich to feed the poor – was he a good person or a thief? Though we are principals of a Good Creation, we are still rotten to the core.

We are sometimes labeled good because we did something good and not because we are good. How to be a Good Person is not a manual to being good, but written to entice us to be good to all we can for as long as we can.